ISL Selections!

RWSSC Head Coach Marc Spackman and Royal School pupil Matthew Richards have taken part in the second season of the International Swimming League in Budapest, Hungary.

The International Swimming League is an annual professional swimming league, established in 2019. It features a team-based competition format with fast-paced race sessions with prize money on offer.

The teams involved this year are:

DC Trident (Washington DC USA), LA Current (Los Angeles USA), New York Breakers (New York City USA), Cali Condors (San Francisco USA), Energy Standard (Paris France), London Roar (London UK), Team Iron (Budapest Hungary), Aqua Centurions (Rome Italy), Tokyo Frog Kings (Tokyo Japan)

This year the competition was in Budapest in Hungary. In 2019 the competition took place at many worldwide cities across many weeks with the final in Las Vegas in December.

Marc Spackman and European Junior Champion Matthew Richards have been called up to the New York Breakers team.

PIC: Mine Kasapoglu

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